CoolWallet S

Coolwallet S Twin Pack

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet

CoolWallet S the credit card sized flexible, waterproof Bitcoin wallet with a large electronic display.  The worlds first and only fully mobile bitcoin hard wallet.  Transact wirelessly without any usb cable with the ability to exchange digital assets directly using Binance DEX and Changelly.  Designed specifically to work with Apple iOS and Android smart phones and to fits discretely into your everyday wallet or purse allowing you to keep your fortune with you at all times.   Make that urgent trade no matter where you are.  The most convenient, most un-intrusive Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, and like all our cold storage wallets your private keys never leave CoolWallet S. CoolWallet’s OTP system allows only the user to sign the message transaction.  Secure, User Friendly, Fashionable using encrypted bluetooth to transact wirelessly, and durable CoolWallet S has the slimmest body and the largest screen in the field.  CoolWallet S comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Also available | CoolWallet S Single Pack $169


Protect your CoolWallet S Recovery Seed with Cobo Tablet. Recovery phrase seeds are the master keys to accessing and recovering your crypto in the event your hard wallets is lost, stolen or damaged. Cobo Tablet is your trusted physical vault for your Mnemonic recovery seed phrases forged from 304 Stainless Steel with a melting point of 1450 degrees celsius. Protect your recovery seed from the unexpected and have complete piece of mind.

Supported Coins

CoolWallet Supported Coins

SINGLE Pack $169

Don't foresee the need of two CoolWallet's at this moment.  You can always purchase another one at a later date or in the unfortunate event your CoolWallet gets lost, stolen or damaged.



Coolwallet S supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zen, USDT, WETH, JOY, ZPR, BNB, BDG, CTXC, DAI, USDC, USDT, BDG, FMF, ATUM, ICX, IRC, DAI, MTL, GUSD, XYO, XLM, ZRX and all ERC-20 tokens. Hold different currencies in the same fully mobile hardware wallet or exchange them using Binance Dex or Changelly.


Check and confirm every transaction on the large display and confirm using the single physical button.


Your private keys and passwords are never exposed: they're secured inside a isolated environment. Have total, end-to-end control over your cryptocurrency with an EAL5+ certified Secure Element microchip on a tamper-proof physical device. 


The worlds first fully mobile hardware wallet made for iOS and Android. Transact anywhere on your smart phone using credit card sized low energy encrypted bluetooth technology.


Coolwallet S is Durable.  It is bendable up to 15 degrees, shock and waterproof.  The battery can last months  using its power saving technology.


Your accounts are backed up using a unique recovery seed. Easy restore to another Coolwallet device or compatible wallets (BIP39/BIP44).

easy of use


Rating 4.5 

CoolWallet S is very easy to use and pairs to your smart phone with ease. Its a perfect wallet choice for individuals that are on the go and dont with to carry usb cables and a laptop, but trade and transact frequently and only have main stream cryptos.

  On purchasing this wallet you will be provided with the resources you require to start successfully using your hard wallet immediately.

 Our easy of use rating is our opinion only, with 1 been the most difficult and 5 been the most easy.



Standard credit card size 85.6mm x 53.9mm x 0.8mm.
Weight: 5g


iOS and Android smart phones.

Secure chip

Secure chip Common Criteria EAL5+ certified Tamper proof.

CoolWallet Smaterial

Durable plastic with Eink e-paper display