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Tangem Wallet 2.0 is a sleek credit-card sized NFC Crypto hardware wallet utilising Samsungs leading EAL6+ (CC) microprocessor with a minimum life expectancy of 25 years.

Tangem requires no batteries, no cables and no PC. All you need is a NFC compatible phone. Lightweight, discrete, portable, simple, that's Tangem.

Tap the Tangem NFC card near to your smartphone and voila, you are now ready to begin securing and or purchasing crypto using the Tangem Wallet Mobile App.

It's our only hard wallet with our ease of use rating 5 +++ .

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Tangem is a fully mobile feature rich hardware wallet paired with the Tangem smartphone wallet App that provides an industry leading user experience (UX) like no other. 

Tangem Wallet requires Zero knowledge about Crypto, Recovery Seed management and complicated blockchains.  Multiple backups are achieved within seconds.  It is for this reason Tangem it is our best pick and quickly becoming our top selling crypto wallet in Australia.

Cryptosteel Capsule Australia

WHY Cryptosteel capsule

With traditional banking you are the most important person.  In contrast, cryptocurrencies don’t care about the person, but rather the associated private key.  Anyone who has access to your private key can therefor spend your funds. 

Your private key is backed up by a "Recovery Seed Phrase".  It is for this reason you must keep your recovery seed phrase safe and we strongly recommend not backing it up on paper, but with Cryptosteel.

Cryptosteel is Hacker-proof, designed to survive extreme conditions, unimaginable disasters and even current and next-gen methods of surveillance.