Cryptocurrency Private One-On-One Training Course

Become a Trezor expert through personal guidance and training with a private cryptocurrency education specialist

There is no better place to learn to be a Trezor expert than with Hardware Wallets Australia. We are Australia’s leading experts in cryptocurrency storage solutions. A cryptocurrency education specialist will provide private one-on-one training to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need, enabling you to fully configure and use your Trezor device.

In this private training course, you will understand and implement the main features of Trezor and learn how to navigate and comfortably use your cryptocurrency offline hardware wallet.

This 2 hour course and course content is developed and provided by a trusted 3rd party providing private one-on-one crypto support and guidance services both in person and online throughout Australia and internationally.  For enquires relating to this course please contact Hardware Wallets Australia.

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You will know every step involved in the set-up option and have peace of mind knowing that your device is set up correctly and your cryptocurrency are secure.

At your pace and always in control of your device, you will become proficient in navigating through the Trezor and be able to fully understand and easily configure your device using Trezor Suite.

Trained on all the transaction’s parameters on the Trezor screen, so you can confirm your transactions securely with recipient address, amounts and fees.

In this course, you will be taught how to set up and recover your hidden passphrase, how to update the firmware on a your device and implement best practice security management for your Trezor.


Navigate & control YOUR TREZOR

Master how to navigate and control your Trezor and learn how to configure using Trezor Suite.

implement security features

Learn to comprehend firmware updates for Trezor and implement security and best practice management.

learn to transfer cryptocurrencies

Know how to transfer Bitcoin, Altcoins, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens between any cryptocurrency exchange and your Trezor.

setup & recover Trezor

Accomplish the set up and/or recovery of a hidden passphrase and know how to reset your device.

Private training at your pace

Through this private one-on-one cryptocurrency training session with a Crypto Education Specialist both in person and online you will easily learn how to manage your device at a pace suitable to you.

Always be in control of TREZOR

You control your Trezor at all times and navigate through the functions with the guidance of a Crypto Education Specialist so you are learning and implementing at the same time.



Trezor Suite is an interface which streamlines communication between Trezor Device and supported blockchains. 

In this course, you will learn the features that make owning, managing and transacting crypto assets easier.

    sending & receiving CRYPTO ASSETS

Know how to transfer Bitcoin and altcoins between any cryptocurrency exchange and your Trezor.
Learn how to use so you can request, send or sign transactions.
Shown on all of the transaction’s parameters on the trezor screen, so you can confirm it securely: recipient address, amount and fees.
Transfer Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens between any cryptocurrency exchange and your Trezor and how to verify successful transactions on Etherscan.